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Seeking an employment opportunity with a multinational institution to become a DevOps Engineer where my educational background, analytical, and leadership skills can be used and enhanced.

My Resume

  • Work Experience

  • DevOps Engineer

    Uphold Inc. - June 2022 - Present

    - Installed and configured a Bastion Host to effectively isolate internal infrastructure from external networks

    - Actively maintaned, improved, and monitored cloud infrastructure on AWS including EC2, S3, RDS

    - Built and deployed Docker containers to consolidate monolithic apps into microservices to increase scalibility, and optimize speed

    - Wrote and configured Helm Charts & Kubernetes YAML files for deployment of microservices into Kubernetes clusters.

    - Automated build and deployment pipelines of microservices with ArgoCD to better manage future changes and maintain state traceability

    - Automated build and deployment processes of cloud infrastructure with Terraform and Atlantis, eliminating most manual work

    - Wrote and tested Ansible playbooks to provision and maintain remote nodes

  • DevSecOps Engineer In-Training

    Sphinx Trading Co. Inc. - June 2019 - June 2021

    - Administrative support in secure network infrastructure

    - Helped to configure a demilitarized zone network to protect data servers

    - Performed a penetration test on the internal network and wrote a report with my findings

    - Analyzed clientele data to determine risk factor

    - Monitored data server for incoming cyberattacks

  • Education

  • Bachelors Degree

    Computer Science w/ minor in Cybersecurity

    New York University - 2018 - 2022

    - Developed back-end applications using Python and Javascript

    - Designed front-end applications using React.js

    - Created REST APIs using the Django REST & Flask-RESTX frameworks

    - Maintained and secured NoSQL Cloud Databases

    - Wrote unit tests to effectively test the functionality of endpoints, database interactions, and user interfaces

    - Analyzed C/C++ Programs for vulnerable patterns and created concrete fixes for them

    - Completed network packet analysis using WireShark

    - Web Application Security Paper: Measuring the effectiveness of different privacy tools that limit online behavioral tracking

    - Network Security Paper on creating a network design for a hypothetical company with specific security design principles

My Projects


an anonymous chat room using a custom REST API created with the Flask-RESTX framework

- implemented with a CI/CD pipeline using Travis CI and Heroku

- built with a cloud database using MongoDB

11-Puzzle Problem

an artificial intelligence (AI) problem solved using the weighted A* search algorithm

Map-Coloring Problem

a constraint-specification problem in AI solved using the backtracking algorithm with forward checking











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